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Industrial Cleaning Services

Industrial Cleaning Services in Kelowna

Mansil Services provides commercial & industrial cleaning services and have professional teams go through extensive training to understand the needs of clients in these high-traffic settings. We understand that your business relies on the quality of jobs that we would offer. We specialize in various venues under the umbrella term of ‘commercial services’. Industrial cleaning in Kelowna involves the specialized cleaning and maintenance of large-scale facilities and equipment used in manufacturing, processing, and other industrial processes.

This can include cleaning production floors, equipment, machinery, and even offices and break rooms. Professional industrial and recreational cleaning companies in Kelowna use specialized equipment and cleaning solutions to ensure the thorough cleaning and sanitation of all surfaces and equipment, while also ensuring compliance with relevant health and safety regulations. Regular industrial cleaning can help reduce the risk of workplace accidents and injuries, improve employee morale and productivity, and extend the lifespan of equipment and machinery. It is an essential aspect of maintaining a safe and efficient industrial environment.

Industrial Cleaning Services


Importance of Industrial cleaning for health and safety

Industrial cleaning is an essential aspect of maintaining a safe and healthy workplace environment in Kelowna. Regular post construction cleaning and maintenance of industrial equipment and facilities can help businesses comply with various health and safety regulations and standards. One key benefit of industrial cleaning is that it can reduce the risk of workplace accidents and injuries.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of equipment and machinery can help identify and address potential safety hazards such as loose wires, leaks, and other issues. Industrial cleaning companies can also help businesses ensure compliance with relevant safety regulations by providing specialized training and certification programs for their employees.

Industrial cleaning can also help businesses comply with environmental regulations by reducing their environmental impact. Industrial cleaning companies in Kelowna, like Mansil Services, use eco-friendly cleaning products and methods that minimize waste and harmful emissions as well as government cleaning services, which can help businesses reduce their carbon footprint and meet regulatory standards.

Post Construction Cleaning Services

Our continuously expanding list of specialized commercial services include venues such as restaurants, commercial kitchens, wineries, gas stations etc. The equipment needed to clean a commercial kitchen or restaurant is much different than that needed to strip & wax the flooring at a construction site. We have dedicated equipment & well-trained teams that will serve your particular commercial or industrial needs.


Maintaining a clean and safe industrial environment is essential to ensure the health and safety of employees and compliance with regulations. Regular industrial cleaning helps to prevent accidents, increase productivity, and extend the lifespan of equipment. Contact us today to learn more about how Mansil Services can help you maintain a clean and safe industrial space to optimize your operations and protect your workers.